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First Half

'04 Championship

Saturday, May 15, 2004

The SCCA San Francisco Regionís Championship Round 8 represented the half way point for the planned season leading up to the finals in Topeka Kansas.

4Dís Neon ACR setís atop the Street Tire Class with six first place finishes in the seven Events in which itís competed. While putting itís primary driver ahead by 230 points, 1090 compared to 860 the ACR's also provided first place finishes for two of itís other Drivers, Jake Hodges and Robert Vincent, and a second place finish for both Charlie Davis and Dennis Armstrong.

With permission here's an expert from an article written by Pat Kelly in North American Pylonís (NAP) April 2004 Issue on SFR's Round 5:

"One of the hottest, most competitive classes is our indexed Street Tire class, where cars from all classes are combined into one, running on tires of 140 wear rating, or higher.

The top four in class ended up within two-tenths of indexed time apart, and class winner, Barry Chafin, Danville, in his '02 Neon ACR, was fast enough on real time to have won G Stock. In fact, the top three were all from G Stock, and spots two and three would have placed second and third in G Stock. Just one tenth behind Chafin was Alan Perucho, co-chair, UnionCity, in his Ď99 Celica , with Alan Jung, Oakland, Ď02 Civic SI, only .006 back in third. Jake Hodges, Santa Clara, took his Ď01 MR2Spyder, to forth, only one-tenth back of Jung. Hodges was quick enough to have placed second in C Stock. Thatís about as close as you can get"


The 4D ST2 Program has collected two first place finishes in the 7 Event Season, one with Brian Nemy at the helm and one for Dennis Armstrong. The primary car weíre campaigning for the Regional title, a Ď91 Miata, is prepared to the Street Touring Standard 2 (thatís a mouthful) rule set and falls a bit under prepared for the Regional Class. Of course that turned out to be a benefit when the National Tour came to Atwater, CA and we had the only car qualified to compete. The future for our efforts in the class? Weíre planning to enter the car in the Divisional in Reno on June 26 and may make the trip to Topeka with it in September.


Thanks for the first half '04 Season to Modacar.com, Big O Tires - Dublin, CA, Bell Racing and David Lear, Broker, Better Homes, Danville, CA.  Please support our Sponsors as we give back to the Community and the Sport we LOVE!

Driving Jake Hodges' MR2 Bryan Nemy picks up our first ST2 win!


Round 1

     - 4D Sweeps 1st & 2nd...

Comming off the cone riddled 2003 Slush Season it was important to get a clean start.


Finishing 1st and 2nd in the San Francisco Region's '04 Championship Round 1 in the very popular Street Tire Class, we topped 28 competitors.

How we kept from colecting cones could, possibally, be attributed to Dennis' stare, scaring them into their intended place.  Another theroy is it was the goone look of the Neon's wheels.

While light hearted Dennis attributes the win to the night before's events of Indian movies and dinner @ Chili's a more sober observation credits lessons from the last event of last Season.  Rather than the smooth style Barry developed driving the Maxima, one that favors formula car driving, the Neon responds much better to a more, shall we say, "involved" style including a lot of small and quick corrections, kinda like driving a big ol' Stocker at Daytona.

Thanks again to Modacar.com, Dave Lear (Broker) and Big-O Tires, Dublin,CA for your continued support.  If you can we'd appreciate your support of our partners, Thanks!

Round 2

- 2 First Place Finishes... congratulations 2

  • Robert Vincent
  • Tito Solis

8 drivers, two cars and a new sponsor for Round 2.  Please help 4D welcome Tito Solis and Red Star Racing, Mimi (the STS2 compliant White Miata (thanks Dennis!)), Brian Nemy and Robert Vincent back as co-drivers, Brian for the entire Season driving one of the ST2 or STS2 cars.

Run Group 1 - Neon (G-Stock - Street Tire)   -  STS Novice   - 4th & 6th  and  

                                                                               -   STS Ladies    - 4th

Run Group 2 - Miata (STS2)                              -  ST2                 - 3rd & 4th

Run Group 3 - Neon (G-Stock)                          -  Street Tire       - 1st & 4th

Run Group 6 - Miata (STS2)                             -  D-Modified     - 1st

  • Tito Solis won D Mod in a almost stock 91 Mazda Miata. With just 116 H.P and but 2 runs Tito was 51st out of 290 competitors, this on street tires with most of the field running competition tires. Tito was overheard  enthusiastically commenting about the Miata saying that thought he could shave another 1-1/2 seconds of his time with one more run. Man can this guy drive!
  • Robert Vincent won Street Tire in the '02 Neon ACR by .887 of a second, the first four competitors of the 22 car field within 1.227 seconds of his time.  Robert accomplished the win after, on his second run, pushing the little Neon through the slalom for all it was worth, spun, collected it up and then again rotating the car all the way around in the following turn, the announcer commenting that he saw back up lights and that it couldn't be good indication.  Once spending some time in the paddock and collecting his confidence Robert went out on his final run and on street tires managed the win, placing 73rd of 290 entrants overall and PAXing 11th.


Round 4

3rd First Place Finish this Season...

We are very excited about the way the little Neon has taken to the 52 competitor Street Tire Class.  Another first place finish, this by less than a half second and we retain the points lead.  Trouble is we've got the Miata queued up for ST2 and can't drive both.

Also, congratulations are in order to Darrel Huckabay who, entering his first SFR SCCA Event in a long, long time, finished the Neon ahead of ten competitors in the 17 car field.  Way to go Darrel.

Thanks are in order to ALL who helped Dennis and I put on the Event and my personal appreciation to Jeff Leeper and Eagle Awards who put me into his Street Mod SRT-4 for a few fun runs.  Man is that thing a rocket!

Round 5

- First, Second and Third Places!

Dennis' famous "cone scaring stare"
Bryan looks ahead
Bryan on gas crossing finish

We continue to lead the Street Tire Class with the Neon ACR and improved our competitiveness in the Region's ST2 Class with the '95 Miata, Dennis missing first place by just one cone.  What was spectacular about the day was Ben Martinez's Fun Run performance in the ACR, two seconds faster than the primary driver.  In competition it would of PAXed 5th overall, a considerable feat given that the PAX is set up for G-Stock with Competition Tires while the ACR was on Falken Azenis Sports.

Rounds 7 & 8 

  • 4D Sweeps 1st & 2nd again, Round 7 in two classes:


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