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4D's Neon Takes Street Tire Championship

Sunday, August 29, 2004

First we'd like to thank our sponsors for their support this 2004 Championship Season:

  • Modacar.com

  • Big-O Tires – Dublin, CA

  • David Lear, Better Homes – Danville, CA

  • Bell Racing

and all the people who make this sport possible, thanks SCCA.

...2004 began with a lot of positive feedback for the '02 Dodge Neon ACR, six first place finishes in the seven Events it was entered. While the second half of the season provided some challenges the Neon never gave up it's points lead and concluded the season with a final first place finish, sealing the San Francisco Region SCCA Solo2 Street Tire Championship.

# 140 G-Stock '02 Dodge Neon ACR takes first in Street Tire @ Marina Air Park

In retrospect, if we'd refreshed the Neon's tires and spark plugs before Event 9 of 15 it could of dominated. Instead, we invested in the Miata which was one position out of the trophies until the end of the season when we pulled into second with two first place finishes on the season., one credited to Dennis Armstrong at the National Tour and the other to Chuck Miller who, in the three Events he's ever autocrossed, finished first twice and third once...

Both cars delivered on the Street Tire'd class allure of dual purpose vehicles, one that can be competitive on Sundays and equally serve other duties during the week.

Funny story regarding driving a race decal clad car on the street as you seldom know the image you're imparting. Dennis was in the Miata following me in the Neon on the way to BigO in Dublin when in double left turn lanes we pulled alongside folks waiting on the inside line. As I came to a stop waiting for the light Dennis is beside a blue Accord when the right rear window rolls down and a little girl, probably 5 years old, shouts out the window; “I have that hat, I wear it when I ride my bicycle”, as she pointed at the Bell Racing sticker on the right rear quarter panel of the Miata.

Precious moments, indeed.

Dennis Armstrong claims the second place trophy in Street Touring 2
Tony Tabacco laid down a course that utilized every square foot of the Marina concrete pad for the final Event of the Championship Season. Click the image above for a closer look.

When asked, “Why a Neon ?”, I'm reminded of the first time the question was raised by my partner and I replied: “Because I want to WIN!”. Now it's complete, the trophy in the bag and all for a reasonable sum of money. One question remains, I wonder if Grassroots Motorsports and Mark Daddio could tune and drive this ARC to a National G-Stock Championship the way they plan to the D-Stock SRT-4?

It's 4 sale.

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